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Are You My Friend?

Are You My Friend?

By Denae Kajca


There will be people in your life who choose to leave you when you’ve fallen apart.

“You’re too heavy” they’ll say, “I’ve got my own weight to carry”.

There will be people in your life that pick you up, but leave out the pieces they don’t like.

There will be people who put you back together completely only to leave you after…”I’ve helped you, now help yourself”.

Only the people who pick up all the pieces and sew you back together with their love and loyalty are the people worthy of being called your friends.



About the author:

The above was written & submitted by Denae Kajca.


Denae is pictured above with her friend and my daughter, Molly Nuzzolese.

Denae is a talented young lady, she enjoys singing, drawing, painting, and writing. You can check out her Instagram Page here.

Pictures Speak Volumes

Selfie, taken this morning, by me

This morning I was doing one of my favorite past times.  I was sitting outside, in my back yard, with the love of my life and a cup of coffee….yes hot coffee on a 93 degree day… I did mention I was a bit crazy didn’t I ? 🙂

So, sitting enjoying the morning, as I was watching the dogs play and the kittens explore, I started thinking about how truly blessed I am.

I took a leap of faith by leaving my high stress office job a few weeks ago and I would be lying if I sat here & said that I had no second thougts or worries about It at all.. I mean, seriously, I have no income right now, how can I not worry at least a little bit about that, right?

However, since I’ve left that job, I have just been experiencing an overwhelming feeling of peace and serenity.

I have also been feeling as though I have been led straight to this new career in blogging.  One of the things I have always enjoyed doing in life is encouraging people to become the very best version of themselves and being that positive influence when all else seems negative.  This blog allows me the opportunity to do that. So, as long as I can make enough to donate my 10%, save my 10% and cover my bills with the rest,  this is the absolute best thing that I could be doing in my life & I am truly grateful to God for this opportunity.  I am excited to see where he leads me with this.

The cool thing about the pictures above is that those sunbeams & rainbow were not seen by me or anybody outside with me.  Once I took the first selfie (at the top of this post), I noticed how vibrant the rays were.  So I tried a second “selfie”, without the self,  so I could get the sunbeams again…that is when the rainbow came through in the picture!

Seeing these pictures completely confirmed my feeling that God has led me to where I am and he continues to be with me, surrounding me with his love & protection.

That rainbow is his promise to me.