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Happy Left Hander’s Day!!!

Happy Left- Hander’s Day to my favorite left hander, my  daughter Molly!

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Being left handed also known as being a southpaw, used to be a  little difficult for my baby in the early years.  Everything that was being taught to her was being taught by right-handers, so it was all opposite to what she needed to do.
As right handed parents to a lefty, we had some challenges as well.  We had to search high & low for a special left handed baseball gloves, left handed notebooks, left handed scissors, left handed can openers…..you get the point, it got a little crazy sometimes.
Also, it proved to be a little tricky being right handed parents, living in a right handed world trying to teach our lefty how to write, cut paper  or throw a Frisbee.  We had to do these things with our non dominant hand to show her how she should do these things.  Go ahead…take a right handed pair of scissors, put it upside down in your left hand & try to teach somebody how to cut a straight line….Not that easy is it? 🙂
As we started finding left handed stuff, things got a bit easier for Molly & for us!
Lucky for left handers now, Amazon has a lot of specific products for those wonderful left -handers that we all know & love!
Trust me when I tell you, if you buy special left-handed items for your favorite lefty, they will be so grateful!
Check out Amazon on the link below.  Just type left handed in the search, you’ll be surprised at how much they have!

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Some of my favorite left handed items are:

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Right handed parents of left handers, Amazon has you covered:

The items pictured above are just a small sampling of what Amazon has to offer, so go ahead…go shopping & make your favorite left-hander happy!

Have a great night!

Always remember:

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