OH NO! One Week Until Christmas!!

One week until Christmas!!!

Wow, time flies and holidays sure can sneak up on you!  That’s exactly what Christmas has done to me this year. Christmas is in exactly 1 week from today & I haven’t baked any cookies, decorated or purchased any gifts yet…ugh!  All I can say is Thank God for Amazon Prime :-)!

By the way, the beautiful decorations in this post are iPhone photos of my sister, Barbara’s house!  Her place is beautifully decorated whereas mine, you wouldn’t even think we celebrated Christmas :-(. We’re working on it this week….better late than never right?

**This post does include some affiliate links. If you click on any of the links & purchase anything, I may receive a small commission (THANKS!) at no additional cost to you. Thank you!**

Amazon Prime to the rescue!

Ok, so I have always been a procrastinator, for as long as I can remember.  Many years, I would have to be getting pushed and shoved around the stores during this last week of Christmas.  Not this year!  It’s true, I haven’t purchased any gifts yet, but I’m skipping the craziness & the lines & I’m just going right over to Amazon!

Are you a Prime Member?

If not, you really should join!  It is so worth.  So many items are free same day or 2-day shipping, you also get Amazon music and Amazon Movies, as well as the subscribe & save program, among many other benefits.  Click the banner below for more information or to sign up now!

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There is still time to join & purchase all of the gifts you need & still get them delivered before Christmas!!

One of my favorite, cool gifts to get for people, is this little tool that fits in a wallet. Check it out! It is so handy!!

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Another nice gift that I just saw on Amazon, that will be delivered before Christmas,  is this Bonsai Tree kit:

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Caring for a Bonsai tree can help reduce stress.

To see other health benefits that can be achieved by caring for a Bonzai tree, please see
this blog post by Alternative Daily.

Don’t forget the cozy, comfy gifts too!  Check out this plush robe! This will also arrive before Christmas if ordered on time.

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Now, if you know me & read my blog, you know I like writing and I always have.  I used a diary/journal for many of my teenage years because I found it to be very therapeutic to write things down, everything that upset me or angered me, all of my hopes & dreams, even my first date & first kiss.

Because I gained so much from having a journal, I am a strong advocate for all teenagers to have one.  On Amazon, they have several types of journals, many different types & colors.  Most can be received before Christmas!  Check this one out:

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So, here is your checklist for this coming week:

  1. Decorate for the holidays, if you haven’t already done so. 
  2. Get those Christmas cards mailed out if you still do that.
  3. Volunteer your time to help others
  4. Count your blessings & thank God for everything
  5. Bake those cookies!

    Image from internet
  6. Join Amazon Prime & Buy those last minute presents or even give your loved ones the gift of Prime so they can enjoy the benefits of membership also! #affiliatelink

7. Remember the best gift of all is time!  Spend a lot of fun, loving quality time with friends and family!

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Love you all,








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