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The following was recently posted by an old friend of mine.  He is personally friends with the woman in need of the kidney transplant.

He asked me to share this on my blog in hopes of being able to reach as many people as possible.

I started this website with a strong desire to help people in any way I was able to.

In this situation, they ways I can help is by spreading the word about the situation & by praying.

My prayer is that this will be seen by many & that all that see it will, if nothing else, at least say a prayer, burn a candle, send positive energy, think healing thoughts… whatever it is that you do within your own belief system.

I also pray that this need does present itself to right person at the right moment and that through God’s

Please read below.  If you would like to contact my friend, his name is Jim Peterson & you can find him on Facebook or you can send messages to me from this website & I will make sure they messages get forwarded.

If you just want to drop a note of encouragement or let the family know you are thinking of them, feel free to post a comment, so she can see it.




Posted by Jim Peterson on Facebook

Has anyone ever considered becoming a living donor? I have a friend who is in need of a kidney. She is currently on the transplant list and undergoing dialysis 3 times a day. I’m keeping her name out of the post out of respect for her privacy. Anyone who finds it in their heart to want more information please contact me via pm and I will put you in touch .
Even if you are unable to be a donor, I ask that you please repost this on yoir own pages. And also, if you feel so inclined, please offer up a prayer or positive energy for her and her family. Thank you. I will post a link to where she is on the transplant list in the comments.


Posted by the woman in need of the kidney transplant:

Hi everyone! Just to fill in those of you who haven’t heard…..I have polycystic kidney disease and ended up in complete renal failure at the end of June and needed to start dialysis. It’s been a rough road but I’ve been hanging in there and staying positive for my family. The support of my family and friends has been overwhelming and truly appreciated.

Currently, I am getting dialysis treatments at a center three times a week, for about 3 hours each session. I am hoping to switch over to peritoneal dialysis which can be done at home and is less limiting, allowing me a more flexible lifestyle with my family and to be able to continue teaching my third graders.

I am on the kidney transplant list at Westchester medical center. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in seeing if you are a match to donate a kidney, please let Sharon know and she will give you more information of who to call. Thank you.

Please keep me and my family in your prayers at this challenging time. I know the prayers and positive thoughts have kept me going this far, so please keep them coming. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. 😊❤


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  1. Something I never really thought about. I know I was so thankful for ones that donated blood when my daughter needed it while on chemo. Something to really think about. Great post!!

  2. Always difficult to hear about these things- I know I’ve thought a lot about what I would do if someone I loved or even someone I just knew was in this position. I hope they’re able to find someone.

  3. It is always heartbreaking to hear about people that are going through this. Hoping a donor is found soon.

  4. These are things that we don’t generally think about until we face situations ourselves or people such as yourself put it in front of us! Thank you. This is something I will look into!

  5. I’m certainly stricken by the way you discussed this subject. It isn’t frequently I stumbled upon a website with content like the ones you have. Let me take note of your website feed to keep up to date with your hereafter updates. Yet again, I truely like what you’ve got here.

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