January 1st is not a Magic Reset Button

There is no “Magic Reset Button” that all of a sudden appears on January 1st of each year.

10, 9, 8 …….Happy New Year!!!  Adios 2017!  Welcome 2018!!!  Now magically, starting  January 1st, I am going to:

Eat better

Excercise more

Start saving money

Learn a new skill………

Sound familiar?  The list of resolutions is often very long and very ambitious.  We think, just because it’s a new year we will magically be able to accomplish all of these changes & our lives will be completely different because it is a new year after all.

We all think that we should make all of those changes at once, on January first.  Unfortunately, when we try this and expect it to all magically happen, we are setting ourselves up for failure.

Change is not easy and when we make big changes all in 1 day, it’s just not going to work.  Trust me! I am 45 & I have been doing this whole New Year’s Resolution thing for many many years.  Yes, we may start everything on January first, but if we stop budgeting after 2 weeks, we’ll be upset with ourselves for not sticking to it & for spending money that we should’ve saved.  Before we know it, that clean & healthy eating is being compromised by the fourth week in because of the emotional eating.

So, we start binging to try to feel better about the failure with the budgeting.   Now we feel guilt and hopelessness about failing with the budget & with the binge eating so we start feeling a bit disappointed in ourselves and we feel really down on ourselves.  Next thing we realize that we missed our kickboxing class that we’ve been going to twice a week for about 8 weeks now and we feel like we blew it completely and we can’t accomplice anything.  So, here we are in the last week of February and we have broken each resolution.  We are feeling disappointed, hopeless, guilty, ashamed and no good.

UGH….now what?

Do we have to wait until January 1st of the next year to make these changes again?   NO!  Absolutely not!

The great thing about life is that every second is a chance for a new beginning!!!  There is no rule that says we must wait until the January 1st to make a list of changes that we want to implement in our lives.


We have the opportunity to make a change whenever we want & however many times we want!  That is the beauty of life!!

If we don’t like something about ourselves or something in our lives, we can each choose for ourselves to make a  decision to change what we don’t like.  Every second of every day is an opportunity for a new beginning. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing either.

I don’t have to decide today, on January first, that I am going to eat right, exercise,  budget, learn new skills, grow my business, grow spiritually, take up a new hobby etc.

I can decide each second of each day what choices I will make to improve my life.  Maybe I’ll just start off with deciding to walk for 15 minutes today, right now and then I can decide to do that again tomorrow and/or the next day.  Soon enough, that will just be what I do.  Then I can decide to spend 10 minutes today reading & meditating on scripture and again I can just keep deciding to do that each day.  The great news is though.  If I miss that daily walk or the daily meditation, it does not mean that I failed, because there will be another second during that day or the next, or the one after that where I can decide to just do it again!

Each second of each day is an opportunity for a new beginning!  Remember that!

At any time in your life and at any time during the year you can change what you don’t like about yourself & your life.  You can change a little bit at a time to make it easier or if you can handle it, you can make a big change all at once.  Whatever way you choose to do it, just do it.

In 1 year, you will have 31,536,000 opportunities for a new beginning.  Obviously, none of us will make that many changes, but don’t let all of these opportunities slip away either.  At least take advantage of some of them!

Little decisions lead to little changes which lead to bigger changes which leads to transformations.

We Got This!!!!!!

Use those seconds wisely!  Make the most of your lives & become the best YOU that YOU can be, one second at a time!!

Peace and love to all of you!



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