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Are You My Friend?

Are You My Friend?

By Denae Kajca


There will be people in your life who choose to leave you when you’ve fallen apart.

“You’re too heavy” they’ll say, “I’ve got my own weight to carry”.

There will be people in your life that pick you up, but leave out the pieces they don’t like.

There will be people who put you back together completely only to leave you after…”I’ve helped you, now help yourself”.

Only the people who pick up all the pieces and sew you back together with their love and loyalty are the people worthy of being called your friends.



About the author:

The above was written & submitted by Denae Kajca.


Denae is pictured above with her friend and my daughter, Molly Nuzzolese.

Denae is a talented young lady, she enjoys singing, drawing, painting, and writing. You can check out her Instagram Page here.

The Path (Poetry)

Photo taken by me at Sam’s Point Preserve Cragsmoor, NY


As promised earlier…here is the poem that I was inspired to write about the path.  My poem is followed by a poem about the path, written by high school senior, Denae Kajca.  Denae, thank you for participating in my Call to Creativity Challenge.  You did a great job with the poem.

The Path by Positively Jo

As I was hiking along , one beautiful day,

I noticed before me, the way the path lay.

Twisting  and turning , no sight of the end,

No way of knowing, what’s around each bend.

My life was this road, on that very day

Should I go on or let uncertainty force me to stay.

I chose to keep going, It was the right thing to do.

The changes that happened were long overdue.

If I had let fear stop me, I would never have moved,

Then nothing at all would have ever improved.

While traveling down this path of unknown

I just kept reminding myself, that I’m not alone

God is always with me, every step of the way

to protect me & guide me, through every day.



A Path by Denae Kajca

(printed with her permission)

A path to take you where you want to go

Where you were already planning to be….

A passageway to your destiny…

What if you stray from said path?

Do you stray from your destiny?

Or…does whatever path you take get you where you’re supposed to be, regardless of how far you stray?

Does the path break off, take turns, give you options like the river flowing beside it?

Or is it straight, unquestioning, inevitable?


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