Need A Physical Therapist in Charlotte? Greg Ott Physical Therapy is the place to go!

The AWESOME staff at Greg Ott Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at its best in Charlotte NC!

This is a sponsored post, but only because I was so impressed with Greg Ott and his staff that I asked him if I could write this up.I promise all observations and opinions written below are entirely my own.


Let me start off by saying that I have worked in the Healthcare Industry for about 25 years.  I am not saying this for any reason other than to assure you that I am very knowledgeable & experienced in this area.

My husband, Andy, is currently a patient at Greg Ott Physical Therapy. He had shoulder/bicep surgery at the end of April and started physical therapy the day after the surgery!

People need to see a physical therapist for a number of different reasons, ranging from sprains/strains to postoperative care.

Greg Ott Physical Therapy handles it all with the same level of expertise and compassion.

The Atrium:

From the moment you walk into this medical building,  you start to feel a bit better as the anxiety starts falling away. The atrium is full of beautiful trees, flowers, garden statues and picket fences! It is absolutely gorgeous!


Beautiful atrium inside the building

Once through the front door, you go over to the right to find Greg Ott Physical Therapy.

Suite B

The Front Office:

One of the first things that stood out for me, when I went to this practice with Andy for the first time was that everyone was so friendly.  We were greeted with huge, welcoming smiles as they asked Andy his name & verified his insurance and copay amount.  That was the last time they needed to ask his name.  From that point on, they remembered him!  They seemed to know every single person that walked through their door.

The second notable impression I had was that we didn’t have to wait long at all.  In fact, there has never been a wait during the entire time Andy has been going there. He pretty much walks in, they say hi & send him right back.

The Clinical Staff:

When Andy goes back, the first thing they do is apply heat and electrical stimulation to his shoulder & bicep.  Andy sits there for a while and chit chats with the staff and other patients.  It’s like he’s just hanging out with some friends.

Andy hanging out with heat & electrical stimulation on his shoulder

Once the time is up, Andy is released from the heat & electrodes.  The next step is for Andy to go through an individually designed circuit of activities that was created specifically for him.

After the circuit is completed, Andy heads to one of the tables to get worked on by one of the highly skilled physical therapists.

This is the time when the physical therapist needs to stretch, push, pull & rotate Andy’s shoulder & bicep.  For Andy, unfortunately, this part is painful but very necessary to get him back to where he needs to be.  Thankfully, all of the physical therapists at Greg Ott Physical Therapy are experienced experts in their field as well as very caring and compassionate.

In my opinion, speaking from personal experience with other local Physical Therapy Centers, they all pale in comparison to Greg Ott Physical Therapy.

The Office Environment:

The last thing that was so evident to me as I was just observing the center when I was there with Andy (I know, it’s weird that I was observing everybody and everything….it’s because I have so much experience with medical offices & how they should be running, I just can’t stop myself 🙂 ).

Anyway, the last thing I noticed was how efficient they work & how well all of the staff members communicate with each other.  They all just rely on each other & chip in where needed.  The practice runs like a well-oiled machine – flawless!

I know, without a doubt, anytime I or a loved one needs physical therapy again, we will be heading straight to Greg Ott Physical Therapy. No question about that!  I hope that all of you reading this will do the same!

The Location:

The Center is located in Park Place on Wendover Road.

Park Place on Wendover

Please check out their website by clicking anywhere above where their name is in green or by clicking on their logo or name on my recommendations page for healthcare practices in Charlotte: here.

Thank you so much for reading!

— Jo

Remember: Take time to take care of yourself each & every day! You deserve it!!!
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Happy Left Hander’s Day!!!

Happy Left- Hander’s Day to my favorite left hander, my  daughter Molly!

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission if any items are purchased from the affiliate links.  If I do, thank you for your support! -Jo

Being left handed also known as being a southpaw, used to be a  little difficult for my baby in the early years.  Everything that was being taught to her was being taught by right-handers, so it was all opposite to what she needed to do.
As right handed parents to a lefty, we had some challenges as well.  We had to search high & low for a special left handed baseball gloves, left handed notebooks, left handed scissors, left handed can openers… get the point, it got a little crazy sometimes.
Also, it proved to be a little tricky being right handed parents, living in a right handed world trying to teach our lefty how to write, cut paper  or throw a Frisbee.  We had to do these things with our non dominant hand to show her how she should do these things.  Go ahead…take a right handed pair of scissors, put it upside down in your left hand & try to teach somebody how to cut a straight line….Not that easy is it? 🙂
As we started finding left handed stuff, things got a bit easier for Molly & for us!
Lucky for left handers now, Amazon has a lot of specific products for those wonderful left -handers that we all know & love!
Trust me when I tell you, if you buy special left-handed items for your favorite lefty, they will be so grateful!
Check out Amazon on the link below.  Just type left handed in the search, you’ll be surprised at how much they have!

#affiliate links



Some of my favorite left handed items are:

For your college bound left hander:

For your left handed Chef:

For your left handed little league star:

Let’s not forget your left-handed guitarist:


Right handed parents of left handers, Amazon has you covered:

The items pictured above are just a small sampling of what Amazon has to offer, so go ahead…go shopping & make your favorite left-hander happy!

Have a great night!

Always remember:

Dream Big, Believe in Yourself, Trust God & Achieve Success!!


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Smoothies – the best quick, easy & healthy lunch!

Quick….Easy…..Healthy….. Perfect!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my Disclosure Policy for details

If you are anything like me, you are probably so busy that you forget to eat lunch sometimes.
I just get pre-occupied with writing, running errands, school work, family events, running kids around….. the list goes on.  Before I know it, I start feeling a bit crabby, I look at the clock & see that it’s about 3 or 4 in the afternoon.
By that time of the day, I really just need something to take the edge off & to hold me over until dinner time. If I happen to be home at that time, my go-to “meal” is a smoothie.
I love smoothies! They are tasty, filling & healthy!  My favorite is a Blueberry Banana Smoothie with added Protein Powder, the ingredients I use are listed below:
  1.  1/2 cup of Greek non-fat plain yogurt
  2. 1/2  cup of frozen or fresh blueberries (I always have frozen berries in my freezer)
  3. 1/2 cup of ice
  4. 1 small banana
  5. 1 scoop of Body Fortress Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
The Protein powder just happens to be on sale on Amazon right now.  If you click the picture below it will take you directly to the powder on Amazon’s website:

#affiliate link:

The powder comes in other flavors as well, but I have only tasted the vanilla.

Why should I bother to add the protein powder?

Glad you asked!
There are many health benefits when you add protein powder into a smoothie…it isn’t just for body builders.

Trust me, I am not a body builder:

Some of the benefits received from adding protein powder are you feel full longer than if you just had the fruit & yogurt;  Your body uses protein to assist in the repair and rebuild of muscles, which is extremely important if you are exercising  (or body building 😉 ). Protein also helps to boost metabolism, which is always a good thing!  I also heard recently that some studies have shown that whey protein helps to lower cholesterol.
Anyway, the reasons above are why I add the Whey Protein powder; however,  it is completely optional.
Of course, there is one more very important thing needed to make a smoothie.  Yep, you guessed it….a blender.
I use the Hamilton Beech Multi Function Blender.  It is nothing fancy, but it does what I need it to do…..blend my ingredients!  It purees, crushes ice and dices as well.  Best of all….it was affordable.
You can check it out at Amazon:

#affiliate link


So there you have a quick, easy & healthy lunch!



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Happy Birthday to me! 45 things I’ve learned in my 45 years!

August 8, 1972 was a wonderful day in history for it was the day that yours truly was born :-).

I know, I know …I can’t really be 45 years old right? I look way too young for that :-).

Alas, I am indeed truly 45 years old today.  So, to celebrate my 45 years, I am going to make a list of 45 things I have learned through those years.

Here we go:

  1.  1972 – YAY….I learned how to breathe and eat! (Good things to know for the rest of my life ;-))
  2.  1973 –  I learned to walk & talk (trust me, people that know me will say that once I learned how to talk, I never stopped!)
  3.  1974 – I learned how to read and write (and I still love doing both)
  4.  1975 –  I learned how to dress myself (very important life skill!)   
  5.  1976 – I learned how totally awesome Saturday Morning Cartoons were (Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Scooby Doo oh yeah!)
  6.  1977 – I learned that school was fun (1/2 day Kindergarten woohoo!)
  7.  1978 – I learned that I don’t like Catholic School uniforms
  8.  1979 – I learned that Alzheimer’s is heartbreaking condition and confusing (for a 7-year-old).
  9.  1980 –    I learned that I love singing…thanks to Sister Mary Joice at St Brendan’s in the Bronx!
  10.  1981 – I learned that sometimes families don’t stay together – that lesson hurt.
  11.  1982 – I learned that people, even the ones that love you, can disappoint you – another one that hurt a lot.
  12.  1983 – I learned about death.  During this year I lost my grandfather & an Uncle. It was the first time death struck somebody close to me.
  13.  1984 – I learned that some kids can be so cruel, unfortunately, I was teased & bullied a lot
  14.  1985 – I learned that many people will judge you by what you look like.
  15.  1986 – I learned how to forgive people that I love because we all make mistakes.
  16.  1987 –  I learned how to tease my hair with Aquanet!!  More importantly, though, I learned how truly important it is to have close friends.
  17.  1988 –  I learned that I really enjoyed when people confided in me & asked me for help.  This was the start of my desire to be a Psychologist.
  18.  1989 – I learned that life can be exciting and scary at the same time.
  19.  1990 – I learned that life does indeed go on, even if you fail at something that seems extremely important at the time.
  20.  1991 – I learned that if you want something in life, you need to work for it yourself! The more you want it the harder you will work for it.
  21.  1992 –  I learned that having a good boss is a blessing!
  22.  1993 – I learned to never leave a loved one without saying goodbye & that you love them.  Seeing them again is never promised, anything can happen at the drop of a hat.    (RIP Dad – I miss you)
  23.  1994 – I learned that listening to people & taking any knowledge available to me is a great way to move up in the corporate world.
  24.  1995 – I learned that people come in many different personalities and each type of personality needs to be interacted with in a different way.  This is probably one of the biggest & most important lessons I have ever learned in my life.
  25.  1996 –  I learned what it feels like to be truly loved by somebody. 
  26.  1997 – I learned that a low – cost casual wedding in the park is awesome. I never understood wasting so much money on fancy weddings.
  27.  1998 – I learned that struggling in life is so much easy when you go through it with somebody you love.
  28.  1999 – I learned that we all choose our attitudes towards life each & every day!
  29.  2000 – I learned that there is no way to explain the overwhelming love that filled me when I held my gorgeous little girl. 
  30.  2001 – I learned once again that life is fragile & we are never promised another day.  Let people know that you love them!
  31.  2002 – I learned how important it is to take care of yourself so you can continue to take care of your loved ones.
  32.  2003 – I learned once again the overwhelming love for a baby! 
  33.  2004 – I learned that living without friends and family nearby is really difficult, but I also learned that sometimes you meet great friends in unexpected places.
  34.  2005 – I learned that a parent should always trust their instincts.
  35.  2006 –  I learned a lot about ADHD, Autism & ODD – much more than I wanted to know.
  36.  2007 –  I learned that I had a voice & I needed to use it to speak up for my child.
  37.  2008 – I learned how truly important it is to educate myself on public schools & what they can do for a special needs child
  38. 2009 – I learned that prayer is one of the best ways to work through some really difficult times.
  39.  2010 –  I learned that not everybody is going to like me all the time & that is ok.
  40.  2011 –  I learned how important it is for people to take care of each other.  Donating time, services and/or money is a necessity.
  41.  2012 – I learned that everything happens for a reason even if you don’t have any idea what it is at the time.
  42.  2013 – I learned that mental health affects an entire family, not just the person diagnosed, but I also learned that love & acceptance can help keep the family strong.
  43.  2014 – I learned that my kids are growing up way too quickly! 
  44.  2015 – I learned that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t please some people and that’s their problem, not mine.
  45.  2016 – I learned to finally believe in myself & fully trust God.

What have you learned in life?



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Are You My Friend?

Are You My Friend?

By Denae Kajca


There will be people in your life who choose to leave you when you’ve fallen apart.

“You’re too heavy” they’ll say, “I’ve got my own weight to carry”.

There will be people in your life that pick you up, but leave out the pieces they don’t like.

There will be people who put you back together completely only to leave you after…”I’ve helped you, now help yourself”.

Only the people who pick up all the pieces and sew you back together with their love and loyalty are the people worthy of being called your friends.



About the author:

The above was written & submitted by Denae Kajca.


Denae is pictured above with her friend and my daughter, Molly Nuzzolese.

Denae is a talented young lady, she enjoys singing, drawing, painting, and writing. You can check out her Instagram Page here.

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Living Donor

The following was recently posted by an old friend of mine.  He is personally friends with the woman in need of the kidney transplant.

He asked me to share this on my blog in hopes of being able to reach as many people as possible.

I started this website with a strong desire to help people in any way I was able to.

In this situation, they ways I can help is by spreading the word about the situation & by praying.

My prayer is that this will be seen by many & that all that see it will, if nothing else, at least say a prayer, burn a candle, send positive energy, think healing thoughts… whatever it is that you do within your own belief system.

I also pray that this need does present itself to right person at the right moment and that through God’s

Please read below.  If you would like to contact my friend, his name is Jim Peterson & you can find him on Facebook or you can send messages to me from this website & I will make sure they messages get forwarded.

If you just want to drop a note of encouragement or let the family know you are thinking of them, feel free to post a comment, so she can see it.




Posted by Jim Peterson on Facebook

Has anyone ever considered becoming a living donor? I have a friend who is in need of a kidney. She is currently on the transplant list and undergoing dialysis 3 times a day. I’m keeping her name out of the post out of respect for her privacy. Anyone who finds it in their heart to want more information please contact me via pm and I will put you in touch .
Even if you are unable to be a donor, I ask that you please repost this on yoir own pages. And also, if you feel so inclined, please offer up a prayer or positive energy for her and her family. Thank you. I will post a link to where she is on the transplant list in the comments.


Posted by the woman in need of the kidney transplant:

Hi everyone! Just to fill in those of you who haven’t heard…..I have polycystic kidney disease and ended up in complete renal failure at the end of June and needed to start dialysis. It’s been a rough road but I’ve been hanging in there and staying positive for my family. The support of my family and friends has been overwhelming and truly appreciated.

Currently, I am getting dialysis treatments at a center three times a week, for about 3 hours each session. I am hoping to switch over to peritoneal dialysis which can be done at home and is less limiting, allowing me a more flexible lifestyle with my family and to be able to continue teaching my third graders.

I am on the kidney transplant list at Westchester medical center. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in seeing if you are a match to donate a kidney, please let Sharon know and she will give you more information of who to call. Thank you.

Please keep me and my family in your prayers at this challenging time. I know the prayers and positive thoughts have kept me going this far, so please keep them coming. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. 😊❤


Thanks for reading! Please share this post & also feel free to leave comments.


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Mutts Day 2017

Hands up…who loves dogs??  ME!!!!!

My family & I have 4 dogs that we love so much, they are definitely part of the family.  They were all rescues & they are all mutts!

So….since today is Mutts Day 2017, I’m going to tell you all about my mutts! If you LOVE dogs also, this post is for you.  If you don’t like dogs….get off my page 😉 ….. Just kidding!   You can stay, but you may want to read a different post :-).

The first mutt I’ll talk about is Boomer.

Boomer is a mix between a Golden Retriever & Australian Shepard, or at least that was what we were told.  We can see the Retriever in him, both in his gorgeous golden coat & in his quirky habit of always having to bring something to us when we get home.  The poor dog looks like he will lose his mind if there isn’t something, anything at all for him to grab & meet us at the door with. It is so adorable!

Boomer is my daughter’s dog. He is about 6 years old now. We had another dog at the time we rescued Boomer, but I’ll write about her a little later. Molly had been wanting another dog for a long time, but we were renting at the time and didn’t really know if we should take on another dog.  So when Molly’s 5th grade teacher, Mr. M, assigned writing a persuasive argument about something, Molly grabbed that opportunity to give us all of the reasons why she should be able to get a puppy.  Well, you know that we have him, so I guess it is safe to say she got an A on that assignment!  Boomer & Molly have been inseparable since. She is now a senior in high school and let me acknowledge right here that middle school & high school years are really difficult.  Boomer has helped Molly get through some of those difficult times. He is a dedicated & loyal friend!

Next is Dobby

We believe that Dobby is a Chihuahua/ Terrier mix, but we are just assuming this due to his sassy personality & fierce loyalty.

Dobby came to us by way of my wonderful brother-in-law, Billy and my beautiful niece-in-law, Suzie.  They were on vacation, staying with us a few years ago and they were out and about keeping busy.  I think my husband & I were at work at the time.  Anyway, all of a sudden they see this poor little Chihuahua mix running around the highway.  They, like us, are huge dog lovers. They couldn’t just leave him there to get hit by a car, so they pulled over & he came right over to them.  They brought him back to my house, where he fit right in with the other dogs instantly.  The dogs played in the backyard while the humans called local shelters & animal control asking if there were any reports of lost dogs in that area, there were none that met his location or description.  Next we brought him to a vet.  Good news was -he was microchipped, bad news is the chip wasn’t activated & registered.  There was no way to tell who chipped him. (BIG thing to remember…make sure you register your fur-babies chips!).  We posted on social media & kept going back to the area he was found, looking for lost dog posters.  We were never able to find his owners.  Now, several years later, he has become my baby.

Now, it’s Bandit’s turn

Bandit was supposed to be a Border Collie/Lab mix.  We know the Border Collie part is correct.  He started “herding” our cats as soon as he joined our family. We didn’t even teach it to him.  He is also very energetic and super playful.  We don’t know his back story, we got him from a foster home, when he was just 5 weeks old.


Bandit belongs to Connor.  Of course, since his sister had a dog of her own, he wanted a dog of his own…anybody familiar with siblings will understand this.  Anyway, Connor has Autism & ADHD and trust me when I say, life has not been easy for him.  Unfortunately, with both, there is a tendency for meltdowns & outbursts.  We felt that if we got a dog for him, we could train it to be an emotional support dog.  Thankfully it worked.  Connor & Bandit are best buddies.  When Connor is feeling an overwhelming dose of energy, Bandit is always up for a whole lot of playing, jumping & running around the back yard.  When Connor is feeling upset, Bandit is there to love him & cheer him up.  He is just a wonderful addition to our little pack here.

The last mutt we adopted was Izzy:

You may remember Izzy from a previous post.

Izzy was a 10 month old, 70 pound Great Pyrenees/lab mix when we adopted her.  Unfortunately her family came into a situation where they were not able to keep her anymore & they needed to find her a home.  Well, once you have the reputation of being an animal lover, everybody always seems to come to you when an animal needs to be rehomed.  So, we caught wind that she needed a new home and we went to meet her & fell in love with her.  She was a bit shy & stand offish at first, but after about a week or so with our pack, she started showing her true self.  She is a fun loving, goofy, playful teddy bear.  She absolutely loves cuddling & yes, although she is 80 pounds now, she still thinks she is a lap dog!

Here are our 4 mutts at Grannie Annie’s house in New York, this past December:


I know this has been a very long post and if you have stayed with me this far, thank you.  However, I just need you to hang in there for a little bit longer.  You see, I can’t write a post about mutts, without mentioning our beloved Oreo.  We lost her in September 2016, but she will live on in our hearts forever!

In Loving Memory

Oreo was a Black Lab mix.  We don’t really know what she was mixed with, but we suspect she had some Pit Bull in her.

Honestly I could write a whole post about this beautiful, loyal, intelligent, well behaved, best friend, companion and protector.  Everybody that met Oreo loved her. She just seemed to know what she needed to do & when she needed to do it.

When Molly was 1 1/2 years old, we decided it was time for our family to have a dog, so one beautiful day we took a ride to the local Humane Society back in NY.  We figured, a small dog would be best since Molly was young, that’s what we set out for.  Now let me tell you a little about Molly first, she was the kind of kid that was well behaved & never strayed away from us ever.  So back to that day…Andy & I were talking to the person that was working there that day, explaining a bit about what kind of dog we were looking for…..  Before we knew it & before we could do anything about it, Molly wondered away from us & climbed on the back of a poor, dirty emaciated black dog on the side of the room.  This dog was hungrily  chomping down on a bone and of course, as a mom, I panicked & thought that my precious daughter would be this dog’s next meal!

All this poor dog did was turn towards her & lick her all over, all the while this little toddler was giggling & hugging the dog tighter.  We knew at that very moment that we were meant to have that dog.  In unison, unplanned, Andy & I said “We want that one!”.  We were told we couldn’t have her because she had just been abandoned at there shelter about 1 hour before we got there& she hadn’t been processed or even seen the vet yet.  We said it didn’t matter, we would wait until all of that could be done, but we wanted first dibs for adopting her.  They agreed.  My memory is a little foggy here, but I think we had to wait about 1 or 2 weeks, so they could get everything done.  Below is a side by side of the first day we got to bring her home…. Andy, Molly (1 1/2) and Oreo (6 months) and then again 14 years later to the day (3/24/16).

Sadly, we did lose Oreo 6 months after the second picture above was taken.  It was so hard for all of us.  But we were so blessed to have had this wonderful family member with us for almost 15 years.

So, now you know all about our mutts, probably more than you wanted to!  I would love to hear about yours now.  Post a picture in the comments section! Come on! You know you want to….All of us dog lovers are always willing to brag about our fur babies as much as we all  brag about our human babies!

Happy Mutts Day 2017!!!!!!!   Go enjoy your mutts & if you don’t have one…….go adopt one!


Charlotte Humane Society

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Dream Big, Believe in Yourself, Trust God, Achieve Success